WTF Solange?

-Okayy soo, as we all know, the celebs are on this major epidemic of this hair shavin' madness. Don't get me wrong, most of them don't look half bad, so Solange decides to do the "lowcut" hair also. Problem isss, her shxt looks HORRIBLE. Reminds me of a dirty tennis ball, as Mike Epps would sayy. & plus, her hairline isn't up to par. Tsk tsk, such a move of FAILure.

So I'm in need of a new purchase of kicks & i was thinkin' of some new Nike Blazers. I googled "nike blazers", no biggie, browsed a couple of pages & saw these babies. Ohhh man, I'm not a big fan of bright colors, I usually go for dark colored shoes, but these are jzt pure beauty. The leopard print is awesome. " D@ Prince " does a great job customizin' kicks & suchh. I'm considerin' gettin' him to customize a pair of Nike blazers for myself . [ "



Lately, I've made excuses to avoid this site due to lacking something to blog about. I don't want to sour the mood in the " blogger's world", but the only thing worth noting is the death of my grandpa, may he rest in peace. I would mention Michael Jackson's death w. significance, but I'll leave that for the media & others. Although, the 12 people who commited suicide as aftermath of Michael's death went to the extremes, may they rest in peace. Now i ask myself, why haven't i yet seriously cried about my grandpa's death? I shed a few tears, but nothing major although i'm hurt deeplyy. Usually it's 2 - 3 days later when it hits me, but it's been a week & .. nothing, but reminiscence & confusion. I guess i fall in the category of the "silent grievers".

On another notation tho, music is my alternate sanity. I listen to all music, i'm a fan of lyrics mostly. I don't live up to the streotype of all black's only listen to rap, r&b, & hip hop. All rappers rap about swagg,their bling,their money & every "hoe" or "bitch" they have or had. R&b'ers sing about sex & .... love. Who doesn't love sex? & sex sells. Hip hop is dyin' slowly, it's only a few standin' & they're battlin' to keep it alive. I want to be hip hop's advocate, but I don't want the career. Makes sense? probably not, it was worth the attempt though. I've narrowed my music artist down for now, I've been listenin' to Trey Songz , Keri Hilson, Miguel & Billy Currington lately. On a particular note, these songs. Trey Songz - In The Middle ( sex ) , Keri Hilson - Make Love ( sex ), & Billy Currington - Don't ( love ), & i love all of Miguel's songs. They all fall in my recent categories i mentioned, music is kind of in a bubble. Artist in a particular genre don't usually don't usually step outside of a certain topic. Oh well, society is depending on Soulja Boy to reincarnate music, lmao. What a joke eh?.



So i was recently watching 10,000 BC & the guy, uh Nakudu, i think his name was made a comment that i thought was highly true. Anyway it went somethin' like ...

" A good man draws a circle around himself & cares for those within it " - Nakudu.

This is somethin' i wrote during 3rd hour like a week ago, boredom is the the golden gates to creativity.

I've inked my veins with a date, 10.14.92 perhaps, & let my blood flood my internal organs as my "actions" batter the walls of this "notsohuman" mindset. My flesh coolin' to the touch & a heart that slowly thuds, but oh so elegantly with all these "human" qualities, yet i'm still it's disclaimer. I've equipped myself, jzt as a worker does a machine. I've put together all of these pieces from past experiences into this threshold of tangled wires. I'm sure I've got everything correctly placed bechus i followed life's manual. Humans are able to express, feel,etc. I've become quite numb these last 17 years. My inner human has died & presented the world with it's biggest project thus far, MYSELF. I'm sure I'll need to alter my parts as obstacles come my way, but one thing is certain, I've ....
currently synchronizing.


Best Drink Ever.

Ahh ! Tropical Blend V8 Splash . The Best drink ever created pals .



Yu know how it's said that "the people yu surround yourself with tells alot about yu" ? , well i'm a bit baffled on it's credibility. I'm pretty intelligent myself & quiet most times. I can provide intelligent conversation if i'm with a crowd who can provide it back, but somehow i always end up with the loud mouth girl close by. I mean, yes - I conversate with her bechus she is quite humorous, yet she indulges in the term "ghetto". She admits that she is "ghetto" when she wants to be which seems as if it's ALL the time. Your typical society would assume I'm loud & craving attention due to her actions & my presence to her..but actually, my crowd of choice doesn't influence me at all.

Does your "crowd" make/influence your ways?

yoo , i finally made my way back around to blogspot . this blog is dedicated to updates & so forth . soo , i've jzt been ... attendin' school which is doomed because i'm not used to havin' trouble in a class & ahem , biology honors is a toughy. anyface , i've been lookin' for some nice kicks & i'm somewht disappointed until i came to these babies .i know i'm prolly tardy on their existence , but i've been slippin' on the shoe collection lately , but these are ultraa sweetttt !! movin' on ... if you're a faithful reader of my blogs , then yu know i'm highly irritatable & my current irritation is : gorgeous women & their attraction to ... lames . haa , shxt buggs' me majorly but oh well - it's beans . i have to go attend to some homework , tsk tsk . i'll be updatin' daily hopefully .

ohkayy ; so i've heard , well read dhet yu can get cancer from oral sex , ugh . if this is factual , which im hoping it's not , it's ... sad . this prolly isn't such fck'd up news for the hetero's but for the lesbian & gay community , this is fck'd up . golly , if yu go to pleasure , yu jzt may get cancer . blah , this sucks much .
[ link ) - http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11819-oral-sex-can-cause-throat-cancer.html

response to Alexis B. - i don't think it's true either but it's a possibility , - shrugs .
response to Reggie - i dont know , i hope not .


old confession .

man ; i've dreaded this moment - confessing to her ALL dhet i feel & i've felt for her . thinkinq if i do ; i'm getting to close to allow rejection once more ; thinkinq she'll break wht's left of my heart - dhet of which i want to trust her with . but i no lonqer care ; she deserves to know how i think of her everyday - fein'n to be by her side to wipe away her tears when she cryy . - to bless the smile her mouth/lips perfects - jzt to have her attention even if it's jzt a liddle of it . she deserves every word dhet proceeds . - when her status hit " taken " ; it hurt ; but when the tatto came & wifeyy title - i couldn't take itt . she was tell'n me it was nothinq serious ; they fought & argue'd eveyday - but actions show'd more ; titles were moree . so i came with the tryna be happy for her ; wishing them the best of luck when in reality my heart was/is mourning for her lovee . she tells me " if it's meant to be ; then it will " but i jzt don't feel itt . her qirl is mastering her heart & her love when i'm window shopping - wanting so bad to jzt be theree but this remains at a wish factor because physically - i can't be hers when emotionally - i'm ready to capture her heart & provoke happiness with a title of us . so how can she tell me it'll be if it's meant when she is your present & the future isn't promised ? . this is how i feel limited - i still doubt if anything will change ; & i no longer blame her for dhet b/c she tried & i can only thank her for dhet . iff i never get a chance ; can yu tell her how i love everything about her ; the way her voice remains at the same tone when she's mad at me jzt as when we're vibing - how when she sleeps ; i can hear breathing perfectlyy & it's musiq to my ears . & how if she's happy then i'm forced to be happy for her b/c dhet's wht really matters & how my " jzt liking her alot " has progressed to love . i've been scared to tell her this b/c i feel like it's over rated & she's been toll it many times & later she's hurt & heartbroken . instead of " i love yu " - i'd rather yu tell her ; my soul is committed to her & i'm here when she's ready . until ; i'll continue to equip myself jzt for her ; jzt for our future .

so , i wasn't sure how to give back the rejects

therefore i flipped it & presented yu with the flesh of the classics

scrutinized by the eyes of lacking minds

taken from my lands; cuffs placed on my words

swallow the ink & spit it back verbatim ; not skipping an emotion .

no mind for societys setbacks .


lett go .

yu had my heart by no intentions ; it jzt seem'd to reside in your grasp . we often dont pick the location our heart finds comforting . we may not TRUST the environment ; or in basic words - giving u my heart wasn't the plan bechus i didnt wanna fall - kind of jzt wanted to lean forward & peek in , but i fail'd at dhet . & once i did ; i began to realize your grasp wasnt worthy of THE hold . your grip was loose & after a while i knew it but i held tighter bechus i gave u benefit of doubt & thought maybe ; jzt maybe u could hold my all . yu proved me wrong ; i let qo bechus i was qonna fall either way .

free falling .


orgasmic much ?

somethin' about this woman drives me WILD , i think it's her dimples . lol - she is like so gorgeous , i'd def BANG her multiple times , haha . she is orgasmic to the eyes. i wasn't all crazy over her when i seen her in " ATL " , but when she hit KING magazines cover , boy oh boy .


homeless guy jam ?

yo, this guy is HOMELESS & gives T-pain a grabs for the money dood . he is doing the whole beatbox ; & everything yo , the beat is truly sickening . my Leaner & i going to take him off the streets & make some mad cash off of him , lol - get a record deal & shxt .