WTF Solange?

-Okayy soo, as we all know, the celebs are on this major epidemic of this hair shavin' madness. Don't get me wrong, most of them don't look half bad, so Solange decides to do the "lowcut" hair also. Problem isss, her shxt looks HORRIBLE. Reminds me of a dirty tennis ball, as Mike Epps would sayy. & plus, her hairline isn't up to par. Tsk tsk, such a move of FAILure.

So I'm in need of a new purchase of kicks & i was thinkin' of some new Nike Blazers. I googled "nike blazers", no biggie, browsed a couple of pages & saw these babies. Ohhh man, I'm not a big fan of bright colors, I usually go for dark colored shoes, but these are jzt pure beauty. The leopard print is awesome. " D@ Prince " does a great job customizin' kicks & suchh. I'm considerin' gettin' him to customize a pair of Nike blazers for myself . [ "



Lately, I've made excuses to avoid this site due to lacking something to blog about. I don't want to sour the mood in the " blogger's world", but the only thing worth noting is the death of my grandpa, may he rest in peace. I would mention Michael Jackson's death w. significance, but I'll leave that for the media & others. Although, the 12 people who commited suicide as aftermath of Michael's death went to the extremes, may they rest in peace. Now i ask myself, why haven't i yet seriously cried about my grandpa's death? I shed a few tears, but nothing major although i'm hurt deeplyy. Usually it's 2 - 3 days later when it hits me, but it's been a week & .. nothing, but reminiscence & confusion. I guess i fall in the category of the "silent grievers".

On another notation tho, music is my alternate sanity. I listen to all music, i'm a fan of lyrics mostly. I don't live up to the streotype of all black's only listen to rap, r&b, & hip hop. All rappers rap about swagg,their bling,their money & every "hoe" or "bitch" they have or had. R&b'ers sing about sex & .... love. Who doesn't love sex? & sex sells. Hip hop is dyin' slowly, it's only a few standin' & they're battlin' to keep it alive. I want to be hip hop's advocate, but I don't want the career. Makes sense? probably not, it was worth the attempt though. I've narrowed my music artist down for now, I've been listenin' to Trey Songz , Keri Hilson, Miguel & Billy Currington lately. On a particular note, these songs. Trey Songz - In The Middle ( sex ) , Keri Hilson - Make Love ( sex ), & Billy Currington - Don't ( love ), & i love all of Miguel's songs. They all fall in my recent categories i mentioned, music is kind of in a bubble. Artist in a particular genre don't usually don't usually step outside of a certain topic. Oh well, society is depending on Soulja Boy to reincarnate music, lmao. What a joke eh?.