poetic bloodlines .

Gemineye is pretty fckin dopee . this is jzt pure genius .

" & God kept filling me and it felt like he was killing me , & i closed my arm tight and God snapped it back open & screamed “ you’re not yet ready to write ” he said “ tonight has just begun everything’s alright my son , yu see i need you , i use poetry to teach people . the world i created has been overrun by ignorant thinking & i need poets to take the world back and break the curse . now unbend your arm so i can give you William Wordsworth ”& again the pen was shoved in my veins & God grabbed the reigns & as if I was a mule , he said “ i use you as my tool and plow the field with you, fulfilling empty minds’ needs while planting knowledge seeds . no longer will there be a flourishing time for malnourishing minds . i want you to make intelligence a law cuz ignorance is a crime "