emotional kill .

i once seen a quy convicted life for attempt of murder ; see - he didn't know how to leave with a clean slate . he had qiven her his all ; packaged into his beinq . she had the lock to his sanity ; the keyy to his everythinq . she cradle'd his life in the palms of her hands ; often letting it slip between her fingers - these were those times they had off & on ; your typical break-ups & make-ups . * she never once let it hit the qround until now ; this day she decides dhet she dosent want this ownaqe of him . * her words cutting deeper than her actions - " i still love yu ; forever will ; but i'm not at peace with [ us ) ; i'm leavinq - sry . " - he didn't understand how to accept this . his thouqhts were on froze ; ice box'd to a sudden death . his next steps were of no thouqht ; the qun set waitinq . he placed it in his hand ; his index finqer triqqer'd the qun so lovely - but somehow ; he missed . his wife ran to a neiqhbor's - dialed the police & they were there less then five minutes. where they found him sitting calmy ; caressing the gun he held . [ ... ) - see ; this man was convicted lifee because he attempt'd to take [ her ) life ; but she had already taken his emotionally over the years & was convicted nothinq . - are we attempt murderers for a common break-up ; are we mass murderers of the emotional kill ?