So i was recently watching 10,000 BC & the guy, uh Nakudu, i think his name was made a comment that i thought was highly true. Anyway it went somethin' like ...

" A good man draws a circle around himself & cares for those within it " - Nakudu.

This is somethin' i wrote during 3rd hour like a week ago, boredom is the the golden gates to creativity.

I've inked my veins with a date, 10.14.92 perhaps, & let my blood flood my internal organs as my "actions" batter the walls of this "notsohuman" mindset. My flesh coolin' to the touch & a heart that slowly thuds, but oh so elegantly with all these "human" qualities, yet i'm still it's disclaimer. I've equipped myself, jzt as a worker does a machine. I've put together all of these pieces from past experiences into this threshold of tangled wires. I'm sure I've got everything correctly placed bechus i followed life's manual. Humans are able to express, feel,etc. I've become quite numb these last 17 years. My inner human has died & presented the world with it's biggest project thus far, MYSELF. I'm sure I'll need to alter my parts as obstacles come my way, but one thing is certain, I've ....
currently synchronizing.