medias' drag .

so i'm sitting here listening to this drake & wayne joint & it's pretty stell . like drake has talent w. the lyrics , but he doesnt get his credit . but eh , whatever . i haven't posted in a while so i figured i would jzt bechus . im'a vent on some random ass irritations of mine & other shxt .

ight ight , so like stereotypes irritate me as i mentioned in a former blog . like why would you want to put your self in a category and try to " fit in " to perfection w. the requirements of that sterotype . persay , JOCKS are the " cool kids " at school or the PREPS , well in movies . but yeh , & like you see others basically begging to sit w. them at lunch or be in their " clique " . blah , i'm jzt saying - be yourself & vibe off your own hype , ya know?

& another thing that suffocates my nerves & jzt isnt for the hype , people w. the get money , go hard , swagger kidd epidemic . like yu have no job & you get $ 10 allowance or yu got a couple low bills in your pocket to save yu until yu get some more " gimmick money " - NEWSFLASH , that's stand still baby money . oh & jzt bechus yu walk around biting off the new " fad " & doing what yu think is cool for the moment doesnt approve yu as " go hard " . you're soft as an oven baked cookie in reality & jzt a follower of " trends " . same w. the supposely swagger kidds , if your kicks dusty and some " rip - offs " , then no , yu have no swagger . certain requirements need to be met to meet " swagger " title like basic shxt chus yu can have your own style going and that be your swagger , or whtever . yu jzt rock it and it looks stellar on yu then on someone else .
but if yu tryna rock wht eveyone else rocks & yu slackin , then dhet jzt snatches your swagger possibilites away anyway .

* jzt a few things that i've noticed w. people & their " procrastinating " & false self viewing . the media is corruption .

-;simplicityBangs .