preferences .

first & far most , i usually don't associate w. guys longer then 10 minutes ; phone wise , face to face wise , etc .

but unfortunately , that changed yesterday . i was having this conversation with this guy, jzt bechus he's madd cool and wht not . i mean , & it wasn't like one of those " man he's bugging me " type conversations, he is madd intelligent so it was pretty interesting . to the main point here tho, like we started discussing females & their preference mainly . most females , i did say most think the ideal type is the light - skinned , long haired , name brand wearing type , like the ones who are jzt the epitome of " sexy " , guys & " studs " since i'm including homosexual & bisexual women preference mostly too . so like, it got to that & the topic of most " gorgeous " women wouldn't give the one's outside of that " ideal person " the time of day . so like the guy & i are cuties , not like sexy and so on but we have personalities to die for , not all name brand shxt but not cheap shxt neither, but most girls would kind of look over us bechus the simple fact of we're not tip top " sexy " . i mean , we can pull those females , but only like after they've talked to us some & fell for our personality outside of their generalized looks .

this was random , but it " faced " my point . looks shouldn't dominate , although of course it still should be considered . like i wouldn't date an unattractive person simply bechus they have a nice personality bechus if i'm not attracted , wht's the use ?