Lately, I've made excuses to avoid this site due to lacking something to blog about. I don't want to sour the mood in the " blogger's world", but the only thing worth noting is the death of my grandpa, may he rest in peace. I would mention Michael Jackson's death w. significance, but I'll leave that for the media & others. Although, the 12 people who commited suicide as aftermath of Michael's death went to the extremes, may they rest in peace. Now i ask myself, why haven't i yet seriously cried about my grandpa's death? I shed a few tears, but nothing major although i'm hurt deeplyy. Usually it's 2 - 3 days later when it hits me, but it's been a week & .. nothing, but reminiscence & confusion. I guess i fall in the category of the "silent grievers".

On another notation tho, music is my alternate sanity. I listen to all music, i'm a fan of lyrics mostly. I don't live up to the streotype of all black's only listen to rap, r&b, & hip hop. All rappers rap about swagg,their bling,their money & every "hoe" or "bitch" they have or had. R&b'ers sing about sex & .... love. Who doesn't love sex? & sex sells. Hip hop is dyin' slowly, it's only a few standin' & they're battlin' to keep it alive. I want to be hip hop's advocate, but I don't want the career. Makes sense? probably not, it was worth the attempt though. I've narrowed my music artist down for now, I've been listenin' to Trey Songz , Keri Hilson, Miguel & Billy Currington lately. On a particular note, these songs. Trey Songz - In The Middle ( sex ) , Keri Hilson - Make Love ( sex ), & Billy Currington - Don't ( love ), & i love all of Miguel's songs. They all fall in my recent categories i mentioned, music is kind of in a bubble. Artist in a particular genre don't usually don't usually step outside of a certain topic. Oh well, society is depending on Soulja Boy to reincarnate music, lmao. What a joke eh?.