yoo , i finally made my way back around to blogspot . this blog is dedicated to updates & so forth . soo , i've jzt been ... attendin' school which is doomed because i'm not used to havin' trouble in a class & ahem , biology honors is a toughy. anyface , i've been lookin' for some nice kicks & i'm somewht disappointed until i came to these babies .i know i'm prolly tardy on their existence , but i've been slippin' on the shoe collection lately , but these are ultraa sweetttt !! movin' on ... if you're a faithful reader of my blogs , then yu know i'm highly irritatable & my current irritation is : gorgeous women & their attraction to ... lames . haa , shxt buggs' me majorly but oh well - it's beans . i have to go attend to some homework , tsk tsk . i'll be updatin' daily hopefully .